Sound masking solutions

dB Sound Solutions is committed to providing sound masking systems for all sizes and types of organizations.

Large organizations

Large organizations, including banks, insurance companies and call centres, tend to have open-plan offices. These organizations can benefit from sound masking systems that make employees less distracted and more productive.

Small to mid-sized organizations

Small to mid-sized organizations, such as doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, lawyer’s offices, spas and pharmacies, as well as large organizations such as hospitals, colleges and universities, tend to have reception areas and waiting rooms where private conservations may be overheard. These organizations benefit from sound masking systems that maintain confidentiality.

Our Sound Masking System

Lencore is the industry leader in sound masking systems. Lencore Spectra systems currently mask more than 125 million square feet of workspaces, and are continually requested by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

The Spectra i.Net™ system is a unique integrated sound masking, music and paging platform that uses the power of network technology, infrared remote controls and digital signal processors to produce a pleasant random and non-perceptible, non-repetitive sound. The web interface and central controls allow dB Sound Solutions to control the system and adjust the sound in each zone remotely.

The Spectra i.Net™ system is composed of the following components: